About Timog

TIMOG is a Filipino word which means “South”. Aptly named, Timog Kiteboarding Center is located at the southern end of Boracay’s Bulabog Beach (Kite Beach), and is one of the few locally owned and run kiteschools on Boracay Island.
Established in 2010, Timog Kiteboarding Center has grown popular amongst kitesurfers looking for a homey, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere over their kitesurfing holiday. Many of Timog’s first guests in 2010 still return to kite with us every year.

Getting Certified

The International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) is the globally recognized association on kiteboarding as a sport, running events and managing certification for kitesurfing instruction.
Choosing to take an IKO course when learning to kiteboard provides you with a safe and structured learning program that is designed to produce confident and independent kitesurfers. After finishing an IKO course you will be issued an IKO License which will indicate your skill level, enabling you to rent kite gear in IKO affiliated kite schools around the world.
All Timog Kiteboarding Center instructors are IKO certified professionals with over 1000 certified students between them

Getting To Timog

Walking on Bulabog Beach, head south towards Bulabog Rock until you find the AIRUSH flags just before the Rock. By tricycle or motorbike, the nearest landmark along the main road is Q-Lodge, which is across the road from a footpath to Bulabog Beach. Walking to the end of the path, Timog Kiteboarding Center will be on your right when you reach the beach.